Prior to our initial consultation, we typically ask our clients to fill out a short questionnaire to help us start to get to know the client. This helps our clients begin to focus on decisions they will need to make. And, it helps us begin to understand what an effective plan for meeting our client’s goals may look like.

At the initial consultation, we will go through a more in-depth form with our clients. We will take a deeper look at the various pieces of their estate. From there, we will make recommendations based on each client’s unique situation, values, concerns, and goals for the future. At the end of this meeting, a fee quote will be provided to the client along with a fee agreement. The client may sign the fee agreement and pay the retainer at the meeting, or the client may take it with him/her to review, sign, and send back.

If we feel like a more in-depth design meeting is required due to the complexity of the client’s situation, we will typically schedule the next meeting at the end of the initial consultation.

During the process, there is on-going communication with the client. This is to obtain additional documentation if necessary, to clarify goals or information, discuss additional options, and to answer any of our client’s questions that may arise. These communications are typically done by phone, email, or in-person meetings. We truly believe that this communication is essential to developing an effective estate plan.

We dedicate a significant amount of time to making sure our clients understand the legal importance, the content, and the ramifications of each document they sign. At our signing meeting, our clients will review the documents and we will answer any questions the client may have.